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Bible prophecy

Welcome to ďThe Prophecy PageĒ. This is the first of a series of regularly updated pages outlining bible prophecy and its meaning for the whole world, specifically for those individuals who look for Godís prophecies to be fulfilled.

Over the ages man has realised that there is a greater creative being who demands both our attention, our service and our obedience; in addition man realised that the finality of death was not what God has promised, but that the future would bring the possibility of eternal life.

The records we have in the Scriptures give to us the insight into Godís purpose, His plans and His character; all we need to do is look.

We are privileged today to have the record of how God spoke to His people in Bible times. He used servants, Godly men and women who spoke of Godís revealed word about His expectations of His people and also of His plans for them and for His creation. These servants were called Prophets, and were Godís representatives on the earth; they included in Old Testament times men like Abraham, Moses, Samuel, David, Ezekiel Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel and Zechariah. In the New Testament times the disciples of Jesus, Paul, Timothy, James and of course Jesus himself. All of these had Godís plan for the future revealed to them, either by direct revelation from the Lord or in the case of New Testament times by Jesus, the greatest of all prophets and Godís only Son. Every one of them made known these plans of God to the people they lived with and explained how the future would unfold.